Washable Bed Pad for a single bed M008

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MEDORIS washable bed pads are designed by a care professional based upon practical experience in care.

The top soft supper layer of the bed pad prevents pooling of liquid, avoiding infection and leaving the top surface dry to the touch.

The middle layer, with generous cotton padding comfort, provides excellent fluid retention and reduces odour.

The bottom layer is waterproof and does not crack and leak.

The material composition stops the differential shrinkage which causes rucking or cockling, making it uncomfortable on which to sleep.

The pad extends the full width of the bed hence no soiled sheets at the edge.

The strong, generous tuck-in wings secure the bed pad against sliding.

The pad lasts and lasts, even with high temperature washing and tumble drying.

White in colour for dignity.

Size: 90 cms x 90 cms