Collection: Positioning and Pressure Care


  • Remaining in the same position for long periods.
  • Pressure and friction on skin, particularly over bones, increases the possibility of pressure sores.
  • Restricted blood circulation where skin is squashed between bone and solid surfaces.
  • “Shearing” when skin is dragged in opposite directions.

MEDORIS ultra-light microbead products have many advantages:

  • microbead movement permits changing position regularly, avoiding pressure building up.
  • microbeads move instantly when you move.
  • microbeads equalise pressure over the entire surface, continually adjusting to your shape to support you, spreading body weight evenly.
  • microbeads absorb the friction of “shearing”.
  • microbeads maintain a small gap allowing airflow between the beads, dispersing heat and feeling cooler.
  • microbeads are naturally hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic.
  • microbeads do not lose shape.
  • microbeads are fully machine washable and dryable.
  • microbead pressure relief products provide comfort and assist in rehabilitation as for example, after a stroke

The Medoris microbead products have doubly reinforced seams for durability and, in most products, zipped removable soft outer covers.

Medoris microbead products can be folded to reduce the size for easy portablity as, for example, on an airplane

Dimensions stated can vary due to the movement of the microbeads.

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